Six Brothers Disaster Relief got its start in the small town of Ocheyedan, Iowa.

It was here, in a part of the country still referred to as ‘The Heartland,’ where Paul and Debra Dorr raised their six sons (and five daughters) to always be looking for a way to help someone who was struggling, as a practical manifestation of our Christian faith.

As children, we didn’t even realize that Mom and Dad were trying to teach us anything special, as everyone in our small town looked out for each other, especially after disastrous floods and tornadoes that are so common in the Midwest.

But as we grew up, moved away, got married, and began to have children of our own, we can look back and see that we were part of something special, as not everyone has a community like Ocheyedan where people naturally help those in need.

Meet the Brothers

To honor our parents who helped instill this way of life in us, and to carry out the mandate of James 2:14-17, the six Dorr brothers have set up Six Brothers Disaster Relief as a way to help those suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Efforts So Far...

We’ve launched major week-long disaster relief operations in the wake of Hurricane Harvey (Texas, 2017) and Hurricane Florence (North Carolina, 2018) as well as smaller scale responses such as our work in Marshalltown, Iowa following the EF3 tornado that hammered that community in 2018.

This work has included the interior demolition of homes following severe flood damage, the removal of trees from the top of affected homes, extracting people from flooded vehicles in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane, as well as providing essentials like food, water, and emergency power in the wake of a storm.

We pooled our own funds, as well as the support from some dear friends and extended family members, to purchase an 18 foot disaster response trailer, and have outfitted it with as much gear as we have been able to afford.

If you are interested in helping...

...there are a few way to do so:

Make a donation to help fund the work that we are doing. As effective as we have been, we are limited in what we can do. With more resources, we can purchase more equipment and help many more people.

Due to the nature of disaster relief, we often wear out our equipment that we must regularly replace. In addition, we have a growing list of gear that we need to purchase to be more effective.

Join us on an upcoming disaster relief trip.  We are always looking for more people to bring along on these trips, as the more skill sets we can bring along the more effective we can be in a disaster zone.


Like what you see but are unable to volunteer or donate at this time?  Then, please share with your friends and family.  The more people know, the more funds we can raise to help others in need.

At the heart of this effort is a desire to carry out the mandate of James 2:14-17.  Without God, none of this would be possible.  Please pray for the safety and well-being for us and those we encounter.

Every Penny Goes Directly to Relief Efforts

Please remember that as a 501c3 organization, any donation that you make to Six Brother’s Disaster Relief is tax deductible and we will be sure to send you the appropriate paperwork for your taxes.

There are many organizations that do disaster relief, including many national organizations. But many of these organizations spend a significant portion of the donations that they receive on administrative costs, not helping the people who are suffering.

Everyone who volunteers with Six Brothers Disaster Relief does so as a volunteer, to carry out the lessons that we learned growing up in small-town Iowa. So rest assured that every penny you give to us goes directly to helping relieve the suffering of people in the aftermath of a natural disaster.