Six Brothers Disaster Relief operates exclusively on whatever support we can pool together from our personal budgets, extend family members, friends, our churches, and good people like you.

There are countless disaster relief organizations that you can donate to.

The problem is that, in most cases, you have no idea how your money is actually being used and how much of it actually goes to your intended recipient. In many cases, its far less than what you might think.

In some instances, the amount of money raised versus the amount of money spent helping disaster relief victims borders on outright fraud. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, for example, city council members were begging Americans not to donate to the Red Cross because of how little money was actually getting to the victims.

Other reports have surfaced showing that after the Red Cross raised a HALF A BILLION dollars to rebuild Haiti following a massive earthquake in 2011, they built a total of 13 homes.

With Six Brothers Disaster Relief you’ll never wonder how your money is being spent as we often give live updates throughout our trips via social media and full reports on our website after the fact.

Deploying our full team for a 7-10 day disaster relief trip costs around $10,000 between travel costs, food for the team, lodging, rental trucks to pull our response trailer, and renting a skid-steer or backhoe for the week.

But we can assure you, we accomplish more in one week than many other similarly sized groups do in month as we know what to do and have the necessary experience to get to work immediately.

More than that, we try to arrive BEFORE a storm hits, allowing us to provide an immediate response to a storm, saving homeowners countless dollars in repair costs by mitigating the damage that would occur if the home sat in flood water for days.

In addition to the money that we need to deploy for a week, we are constantly trying to augment our equipment. The more equipment we have on hand, the more people we can help.

So while Six Brothers Disaster Relief has been able to buy a response trailer, chain saws, fuel tanks, and hand tools to help us provide basic storm relief, we are seeking funds to buy window break out tools, assorted personal protective gear, insulated power line hooks, Tyvek suits, a pair of satellite phones, and more.

Eventually we are hoping to purchase a second response trailer (to hold additional equipment and to provide space for our team to sleep at night as lodging is simply not always available) and a skid loader with flatbed trailer, which allows us to move trees, disabled vehicles, etc.

So whether you can donate $50 to buy 15 gallons of diesel fuel to power our generator for half a day, or $5,000 to help us buy a second trailer or half of the cost of a skid loader, please do so today, knowing that every penny goes to our relief trips and not to a fancy office building.

Lastly, as a 501c3 non-profit [EIN 84-1881362], any donations that you make to Six Brothers Disaster Relief are entirely tax deductible and we’ll be sure to send you the appropriate paperwork for your taxes.

Please make a generous donation today!



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